Goldin Metals - Roll Up Doors

Goldin Metals stocks a large array of sizes for Roll Up Doors to help with your project. 

Common Stocked Sizes:

8 X 8 8 X 10
10 X 8 10 X 10
12 X 12 12 X 10
12 X 12 12 X 14
14 X 14 6 X 7

Features Include:

26-gauge galvanized corrugated steel
Grade 80 galvanized steel
36 Color Options
Super Durable polyester paint coatings, which are corrosion resistant
Wash coat over primer interior side
40-year film integrity warranty — up to 30-year chalk and fade
Flexible nylon wear strips

Bottom Bar
24 gauge acrylic-coated galvalumed roll formed steel
2" x 1-½" galvanized angle
Bulb astragal (Durometer 75)
Stainless steel nuts and bolts

Axle/Torque Tube
1-516" O.D. steel axle, 14-gauge
Oil tempered torsion springs conforming to ASTM A229
16-gauge, 12" diameter galvanized drum
Low friction, grease-filled steel ball bearings staked in each drum
26 gauge spiral torque tubing that houses axle assembly
16 gauge galvanized
Bolt on head stop ¼" thick steel
2-¼" guide depth
Pre-punched for lock and attachment bolts
Vinyl guide wear strip
Universal jamb mount

Bottom bar mounted 10 gauge slide locks — 2 per door
Bottom bar mounted 16 gauge step plate — 2 per door
12 gauge door mounting brackets
1-516" tension holding device
Roll Up Door Installation
How to Install a Roll Up Door


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