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The Goldin family has been in business since 1942. Goldin Metals, Inc. is headquartered in Gulfport Mississippi with other locations in Lafayette Louisiana, Harvey Louisiana, Mobile Alabama, and Dothan Alabama. Goldin Metals, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of metal roofing and siding panels, trim, gutters, soffit panels, wall panels and other building components. We also, maintain a huge inventory of prime and secondary coils. With our large inventory, we are able to offer a variety of colors and thicknesses at very low prices.

In addition to the metal roofing and siding panel division, Goldin Metals, Inc. has a complete line of Metal Building component parts, insulation, roll-up doors, and service doors.


Goldin Metals, Inc. Coil Division specializes in the following: stocking, processing and selling secondary coils consisting of a variety of widths, thicknesses, colors and weights. Our experienced staff can handle large and small shipments. Goldin Metals, Inc. is located within a mile of the Interstate Highway system.

Goldin Metals, Inc. has rail service on the premises and can ship or receive by railcar. We can also load materials on a customer's own conveyance for even more savings. We are able to ship coils throughout the United States.


Goldin Metals, Inc. Slitting Division is equipped with a new Braner line. This High-Performance Shape-Correction Slitting Line has the capacity to Slit and Shape-Correct coils up to 60,000 pounds. Our Slitting and Packaging line can process Galvanized, Galvalume, Pre-Painted, Cold Rolled, HRP&O, and Stainless coils in gauges from .008" through .135". Our line can also handle 78" OD master coils with 20" to 24" coil IDs and produces 78" OD slit coils with 20" and 24" IDs.


Goldin Metals, Inc. uses state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced work force to manufacture metal roofing and siding panels in a variety of profiles and widths to satisfy your needs. We manufacture profiles in Goldin Panel, R-Panel, Standing Seam, Corrugated, and 5-V Crimp. We have material in stock and offer custom manufacturing to your requirements. Goldin Metals, Inc. is big enough to handle the largest of orders yet small enough to care about each customer.

Most of the profiles can be manufactured in Galvalume, Galvanized, or Painted. Many of the panels can be warranted for a variety of years depending on the selected product. In addition, we manufacture trim, soffit panels, wall panels, gutters, downspouts, and a variety of other building components.


Goldin Metals, Inc. is a supplier of various types of steel. We stock various sizes of rebar, wire mesh, channel, angle, flat bar, sheets, plate, expanded metal, pipe, tubing, Cee purlins, Zee purlins, and base angle. In addition, we can provide you with specialty metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other specialty metals.


Goldin Metals, Inc. stocks many sizes of roll-up doors, entry doors, insulation and culverts. We stock a large quantity and various colors of fasteners including stainless steel screws. We also stock insulation and sealants for all of your needs.

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