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Proper fastener selection is a key to most roofing projects and takes into account where and how the fasteners are installed. Factors that must be considered include: materials being attached, environmental factors, installation conditions, and safety issues. Because product specifications, application and interpretations may differ, it is important to talk with your Goldin Metals sales expert to help decide on the proper screws for your specific project.

Goldin Metals stocks a large array of screws to suite every facet of your building project.  Be it metal to metal, metal to metal self tapping, metal to wood or wood screws, Goldin Metals has a plethora of screws in a large array of colors (including stainless steel) to assist with any of your projects. Every element from corrosion-resistant heads to milled points for fast installation was designed to help builders get optimal results. Diverse product lines enable customers to find the perfect screws for their specific roof cladding or attachment project.

Below is a sample of screws we typically have in stock:

METAL FRAME #12 Panhead #10 EverGrip 1 1/2in
METAL FRAME 1 1/4in Panhead 1in Type A Bi-Metal 1in
METAL FRAME  3/4in Post Frame 1 1/2in Stitch 3/4in
Metal Frame Zac 1 1/4in Post Frame #14 1 1/2in Stitch Zac 3/4in
Metal Frame Zac 2in Post Frame 1in Stitch Lap #14 7/8in
Tek5 Metal Frame 1 1/4in Post Frame 2in Zac #17 1in AB
WoodMac 1 1/2in Post Frame Zac #14 Zac Lap 7/8in
WoodZac 1 1/2in    

Metal to Wood         

Metal to Metal         

For color options, please contact your Goldin Metals sales professional.



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