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Goldin Metals Direct Metals Inc offers a wide selection of pipe boots and pipe flashing. Here you will find our standard selection of pipe flashings for common round roof penetrations such as plumbing vent pipes. Square based flashings, universal in nature, are available in standard EPDM rubber or high temperature range silicone construction. Browse our selection or speak to one of our Sales professionals for further details.


Waterproofing pipe penetrations of a roof, such as plumbing vent pipes and electrical service mast pipes.


  • Simple solution to flashing a penetration through a metal roof.
  • Easy to customize on job site
  • Is marked with dimensions to allow for easy sizing to fit each individual application.
  • Aluminum insert allows the pipe boot flashing to conform to any panel configuration and/or roof pitch.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum base
  • Available in EPDM black or red silicone for extreme temperatures.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays, cracking & weathering.
  • Up to 45 degree pitch.

Stock Sizes
Size  Pipe Size Base Size

Pipe Boot
How to Install Pipe Boot

#3  1/4" –  5-3/4" 8"
#5  4" –  8-1/4" 11"
#8  6-3/4" –  13-1/2" 17"
#9  8" –  20-1/2" 25"
Retrofit #1 1/2" –  4" 8-3/16"


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