Goldin Metals - Magnetic Sockets

Golden Metals commonly stocks Magnetic Sockets in 3 different sizes to help with your construction project.  Those sizes consist of 1/4, 5/16  and 3/8.

Impact guns are NOT recommended for fastening panels. With the higher torque produced by these guns, fasteners can be easily over driven to the point of the washer being over tightened or the fastener breaking. Additionally, the impacting action can cause excessive paint damage to the fastener heads and thread strip out.

Drive Sockets
Hex drive sockets with a recessed magnet, set to the proper depth, and a lobular design can help to reduce damage to the painted fastener head and increase stability during driving. Our drive sockets have magnets set to a precise depth to ensure a correct fit. The installer should make sure the outer edge of the socket is resting firmly on the washer face of the fastener head for the most stable drilling performance.

Fastener Installation - Water Tightness
In order to ensure long term integrity of a building structure, achieving water tightness in the connection of exterior metal panels is critical and essential in the installation. lt is important to install fasteners so the washer is properly seated, allowing the EPDM sealing material to seal and perform as intended. Both over tightening and under tightening can lead to water leaks.



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