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Goldin Metals stocks premier elastomeric butyl rubber sealant designed to the critical requirements of metal buildings. It also meets or exceeds all sealing requirements for window glazing, ducts, and refrigeration. It is preferred due to its excellent tack and superior cohesive strength. It is produced in all common sizes and profiles.

Our sealants are extruded on silicone coated paper for easy application. It is produced in many different sizes and lengths to fit all application requirements. The rolls are securely packaged in cartons for convenience in job site storage and export.

Our Sealants offer many qualities that result in a superior seal, greater longevity, and easier application.

  • Greater cohesive strength
  • Superior adhesive strength
  • Withstands extreme roof temperatures
  • Superior low temperature compressibility
  • Cold flow resistant
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Seal not affected by normal movement of building
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Extensive inventory of standard sizes
  • Available in custom sizes and lengths

Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be sealed should be free of dust, dirt, oil and moisture before applying sealant.

Working Conditions: For best results, apply in dry conditions above 40°F (4°C).

Application: Apply to surface directly from roll. Press sealant through the silicone release paper with a smooth, even hand motion. Note: for metal roofing and siding applications, place sealant under the fastener to prevent wind blown rain from leaking through the fastener holes.
Butyl v Emseal

Differences in Butyl and Emseal



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