The following technical papers, reports and brochures can be downloaded for your review. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader program on your computer in order to read
the documents below. Get the Adobe PDF reader for free at This information is provided for reference purposes only. It is the customer's responsibility to
meet any applicable codes or specifications. Any job specific requirements or specifications must be listed on the original invoice if they are to be required by the customer.


Goldin Panel Wind Rating

Goldin Panel FBC 2020 Evaluation Report

Goldin Panel IBC 2015 Evaluation Report

5 V Crimp Wind Rating

5 V Crimp FBC 2020 Evaluation Report 

5 V Crimp IBC 2015 Evaluation Report 

PBR Wind Rating

PBR FBC 2020 Evaluation Report

PBR IBC 2015 Evaluation Report

Standing Seam Panel Wind Ratings

Goldin Panel Florida Product Approval

5 V Crimp Florida Product Approval

PBR Florida Product Approval

1in Nail Strip FBC 2020 Evaluation Report

1.5in Nail Strip FBC 2020 Evaluation Report

1in Snap Lock FBC 2020 Evaluation Report

1.5in Snap Lock FBC 2020 Evaluation Report
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